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Hello. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my websites in Blocs. I have stumbled upon my first hurdle. On this page, I use a plug-in called DIVI supreme which is using the Image accordian module for the team members page. Can anyone suggest a way to translate this into a Blocs page? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I am sure there is a way of doing this, one of the experts on here will be able to help - but I do love how it looks by using DIVI - very slick, great website.

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Thanks man. I just want to translate the styles etc to Blocs. Tricky coming from relying on this plugin though as it’s so easy to implement.

That’s pretty easy to achieve with 100% CSS.

Kapture 2022-05-20 at 17.34.58

Here’s the file to get you going:
Image Accordion.bloc (921.1 KB)


Easy for the code-savvy people :wink: Nice one, @Jerry

That amazing Jerry thank you so much! I would love to know how this was done or if you can point me towards any tutorials? Being able to do stuff like this would be so useful as I’m no longer relying on DIVI supreme. Thanks again.

You got the file there. I can’t make it easier.

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Codepen to the rescue :grin: looks cool though.


I was talking about how to implement the HTML and CSS within Blocs from Codepen. I found a good video so I assume the same principal applies.


Just use the code editor. Place any CSS that you can’t produce in the class manager in the CSS input area and scripts in the footer inside script tags.

Any HTML mark up can be placed in a code widget where you want it on the canvas.


Thanks. What about tablet and phone home responsiveness is this done through the HTML or do I adjust settings in the tablet and phone view?

You would need to adjust that manually via the added html/css.