Image comparison in modal bric

Hi all. I’m want to use an Image Comparison bric in a Modal but that does not work. If I do that you can not use the Comparison between the 2 pictures. Any suggestions?

I tried a few things and could not get it to work as well. Might be a question for @Norm

Thanks @eagle. Hope @Norm can help

Nobody knows if this can be done? @Norm? @Eldar maybe?

@norm. Do you know if this can be done?

There is nobody who can tell me if this is possible?

Hello @r_botman, I create a snippet for you if you want to use it.

His title is:

  • Create a Comparison Slider Image inside a Modal

There is the link for it:

Hope it will helps you.

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Hello @Pealco. Thanks a lot. Where do I this code?

Didn’t understand your question.

I mean how to apply your snippet @Pealco. First time I use this.

Hello @r_botman,

Follow the link I send you and there you have all the instructions to replicate the comparison image inside a modal.

Thanks a lot @Pealco! Great how you solved this. One question. How do I get the comparion in the Center? Now it is too much to the left side! Hope you can help me again!

Hello @r_botman, do you have the tree like this or is different the modal in the body?

Any way try to add in the body a bric called “DIV CONTAINER” and insert the “CODE” bric inside that DIV, then in the tree click in the DIV and on the Settings on the right side choose Center in the Content.


Hope it fix your problem…

I don’t see any pictures in your message @Pealco. Can you resend it?

Also how to use it for the different breakpoints?

Sorry @Pealco. Now suddenly I see the pictures. Really strange. Will check. Thanks again. Will it work with the different breakpoints?

Yes, it works in all breakpoints.
But for what I see in the pictures you have a modal with the width “FILL SCREEN”, try to change it to Large.

I changed it and still get it like this!

please share your project with me to check what’s wrong, if you want you can PM the project.

Did you get my project I send by PM @Pealco?