Image from Asset Manager will no longer display

I had an image display in a bloc.
After saving as a template image will no longer display in any page or bloc
Will briefly show in bloc during preview but immediately disappears when I go back to editor.
If I change to another image it is ok
Have even tried restarting mac but can no longer see the image
Can see if I export and view as a website

If after changing to a different image, does changing back to the original image resolve the issue?

It will not display again even after changing to another picture then changing back.
It will display when I run preview in place but as soon as I move away from asset manager it returns to a white panel.
this is the same for any block on any page in the project

It seems the project file has corrupted in some form and will not allow that specific image to display
If I export the website it is ok.
A template I created of the same page is affected by this problem, if I export the template and reimport into another project the issue remains.
If I start a new project the problem is fixed
Does anyone know of a way to repair a project file?
I really don’t want to rebuild the entire site for this :frowning:

You need to report this using the blocsapp reporting mechanism. Help->Contact customer support

thanks I will do that

Turned out to be a bug which has been fixed in the latest update to 2.4.3

  • Fixed issue that caused background classes to become corrupt when using page templates - Could cause missing background images randomly.

Thanks Norman :slight_smile: