Image gallery Batchprocess

Hello together,
I would like to create a image gallery for my site with up to 50 images and I want change the images from time to time. It seems that blocs is not the optimal solution for so many images. It needs to much time to create and fill the image blocs manually. I am looking for a batchprocess inside blocs to create an gallerypage from a folder with images.
Is there one and I have not seen it? If not it would be a nice feature for one of the next versions.
Does somewhere know another way or a good tool to create a site with lightbox images?

Hi @Olaf,

You have to code something like that in PHP. Here is an example of what you would need to do.

Of course the other option is using a CMS, which would mean exporting your blocs design into something like OctoberCMS. Making a gallery plugin would take probably take about an hour or so with that option.