Image issues

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with a art gallery site. I’ll be adding images to a page and suddenly they’ll all vanish on the screen, in Solis and in live and browser previews (leaving just the text on the page) yet if I export the project all the images are included in the .html pages. The only solution is to roll back to a previously saved version and begin again.

If I move around within a page that has ‘lost’ its images there are no indications that any images were ever there. Blocs just shows the text fields. Dropping new images in (which are visible) means that there would be two images included in the export.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I should also add that all the images also disappear from the asset manager leaving just the associated file name. All the images are stored on a raid connected by USB-C and if I open a different project also stored on the raid it’ll open correctly so I don’t think it’s connected to the speed of the drives Blocs is accessing.

I may have solved it myself. I think it was to do with an unrecognised character in one of the names of the art files.

Do these images involve animation? It’s possible you saved the project while in preview mode, which is a bug that was addressed with the release of 2.6.3 yesterday. If you press the V key a couple times they may well reappear.

No, but thank you for the suggestion. All stills. One of the file names had an apostrophe in it. It seems including that sent the program over the edge. Perhaps that’s something @Norm could investigate?