Image loads upside down


In the attached screenshot, Blocs uploads my image into Assets Menu Upside Down, and places it in the Bric upside down.

But if you look at the sidebar, the picture is right side up.

Can someone explain how this works and how to fix it?



I had th3 same thing happen with one image. It was rotated sideways. I ended up deleting (removing) the asset. Renaming it and then reloading it to assets. Then it was okay.

Thank you for helping but that didn’t work for me. :persevere:


Wow, I have never seen this before! Have you tried deleting the image bric and adding a new image bric?

Hi Norm

I’ve deleted the Brick, and the Block and it still happens. The weird things always happen to me. LOL


Open it in photoshop or similar. Rotate it and put it back how you want it. Resave as new file (important) renamed.
You may need to Delete that block and bric. Save and Close Blocs after deleting asset. Upload the new renamed resaved image. It should work.
Not that you should have to do this but glitchy things can often be fixed following these steps.
If it doesn’t…either way Norm needs to look at it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks HMM

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Can be frustrating…glad it worked…unless it was bingo Norm needs to look at it…I guess either way.:slight_smile:

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Hi @BHip

That photo was probably taken on an iPhone right?
When photos are taken and the phone is up side down that photo exif data gets a tag that it should be displayed 180 degree.
That exif isn’t read by all apps.



No…at least I don’t know about his but mine were not.
The exit info could be being misread however. In my case I had this occur several times with different images. Original orientation should not effect the code.

@HMM lol… that’s weird

I often clear out most of the image info in PS …other than copyright and a few other things. Add or improve Meta data etc…

I didn’t even know that was possible.

You can open an image in Photoshop…

  1. go to the file drop down menu
  2. Open “file info”…

Just about everything can be edited there. You will see the various different info links to go through.

For some data you can use an “EXIF editing tool” to completely remove all info or leave what you want.

I add certain meta data for SEO, Copyright, Website info, etc. and delete other ancillary info. Some info like RBG profiles or other items can be left in certain instances.

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Had the same problem, fixed by opening the file with Affinity Photo, save as with a new name and bingo. And I confirm, pictures taken with iPhone 6.

@HMM this is very useful to know - however i’m getting the same issue with images not holding the correct orientation and whilst camera data is visible, nowhere can I see how to edit file orientation thus my images remain landscape when they should be portrait, or upside down etc etc. Any other insight?

Drop the images into ImageOptim and that has always stripped out unnecessary crap like that. Also an extremely good PNG optimiser for web images that everyone should have.


awesome thanks @webdeersign looks decent. I need a quick way of optimising images for a personal project - really can’t be doing them individually!

Hey @webdeersign Just feeding back - been using imageOptim for a few days now - works a treat. Absolutely perfect. Thanks for that.
It has saved me no end of time dropping in batches of images that i need to optimise, and imageOptim strips the exif and reduces filesize in a flash.
Are you aware of any tools for batch processing of image resolution?? I’m currently emailing myself the images i need and Apple Mail does a nice job of compressing them down to a sensible size, at which point i save the attachments back to my machine, drop in to ImageOptim to squeeze JPEG further, and then i’me ready to host really lightweight / low bandwidth images that are literally perfect for the type of site i’m building (and others i will likely work on).

@Norm an opensource tool like ImageOptim would be great wrapped in to Blocs. If you could combine that with some kind of image resolution mod you’d have the ultimate Asset Manager. One for the wishlist?


XnConnect will batch change resolution (and everything else). Free too but can be a challenge to use it.