Image optimisation, format and Volt CMS

Hi to all.
What are you all using to optimise the image files for your sites?
I’m using Jpeg mini at the moment, but it seems to have been getting indifferent reviews and I was wondering if there are better options out there.
I see a few people rate ImageOptim fairly highly.

Looking forward to seeing what’s hot and what’s not.

ImageOptim works wonders in optimizing images. I’ve also started using Pixelmator Pro to resize and export for multiple resolutions.


Can’t agree more.

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If you want to bulk optimise ImageOptim is pretty good with the one caveat that it dumps the originals in the trash, so be careful of that. For more custom web optimisation I am using Affinity Photo, usually with Lanczos 3(separable) for the algorithm.

The big question is when Blocs will allow us to choose a faster format like AVIF or WebP with Jpeg as a fallback image to cater for legacy OS/Safari. That would potentially cut the size of web pages in half for 90% of site visitors.


That’s why I switched to Compress. Available in mac App Store.

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I forgot that I found a rather good little tool recently called Image Tool+ that is quite handy and gives good results. It all depends on what you need to do though.

I would like to see a tutorial on that. It may convince me to purchase it.

FastStone Image Resizer is free and easy to use. I use my PC, and it reduces, optimizes and exports really well. So many cool settings. I wish they made it for OS X.

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I did not know that, good information. Always make a backup :slight_smile:

So many are trying to get to the top to be the most efficient and accepted.

Thanks for the responses.
JPEG mini does a lot of the same things (compression, resize, save as a copy to a specific location, etc) and is very fast, but unless I spend a lot of £$€¥ the version I have is unsupported.
Image Tool+ looks like a really good app though, and really cheap.
Got to be worth a go.
I’ll line up the results to Optim Image as a comparison.

ImageOptim will provide generally good results at default settings, however Image Tool+ is much more configurable and cheap enough to warrant a try. The interface isn’t that slick, though ultimately it seems to do the job. The nice part is that you can export multiple formats in one go and preview the different quality settings for each format.

When you need an batch of original image to be 1024 X 768 or 768 X 1024 cropping is applied… how does Image+ handle that?

You have to respect the original image proportions or something will be cropped and that would apply to any editing app. In cases like that I would use Affinity Photo and either manually crop or stretch to fit if feasible.

The more logical usage here is to prepare the image to have the right proportions if a specific height & length are required, then run it through Image Tool+.

Thanks for sharing you insights. :slight_smile:

Image Tool+ is a really good little app, and a steal for less than the price of a coffee; not that I drink that carb heavy, over sprayed coffee bean rubbish.
It has a good preview slider, lots of output options and even a watermark option.
Yes, the UI is outdated, but we work in a website building environment and have to code sometimes, so grab yourselves a simple little app; you shouldn’t bet too disappointed.
Thanks @Flashman

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If it is not in bulk I use


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