Image resizing in carousel


How can I resize the pix I am adding to the carousel spots. I’ve made them all the same size in another program yet when i put them into carousel pix space the image is enourmous and all pixelated. There is noting in this forum or in the manual to help me resize the pics. There is something called “Scaling line” for the life of me I cannot find it. This should be a simple procedure for a program like this. Please do not say use Classes. There is no proper explenation or video and what they are and how it works!!!

very angry customer


First of all Stephan, you have no reason to be angry.

No software is perfect and no user is perfect. Along the way something doesn’t work as you expect it to and that’s not the fault of the software.

If your images are becoming pixellated it just means they are too small. How large are they?

The software does not change the size of image assets, but through various options you can control how they are presented.

It sounds like your images are low resolution - too low to support being properly presented if the carousel is too large.