Image sizing in carousel... portrait, landscape

Hi -

I’m currently having trouble with a number of issues while designing my own website, not least of which is setting up carousel galleries. I prepared a batch of images in Affinity Photo (1200 x 800px, 72dpi) in both landscape and portrait formats. What I would like is to present these at a single height, fitting within the browser window (effectively reducing the height of the portrait images to match those in landscape format).

When I preview these at 100% in Affinity Photo they appear at an appropriate size to fit well within browser window (if anything they might be a little on the small size)… Once these same images are inserted in a carousel and previewed they appear much larger - the portrait images even spilling over the page vertically - so that I need to scroll to see the whole image.

I have experimented with applying a class to the carousel itself - reducing maximum sizes accordingly, but this seems to have unpredictable effects.

Can anyone help me to understand and resolve this problem?

Thanks for reading!

There might be a better way, but have you tried setting the height of the portraits to the same value as that of the lanscape images height when prepping them?

Hi MartinC,

I’ve actually tried this, but it makes no difference - the portrait images still spill out of the bottom of the carousel…

I have just had a play, the issue only seems to be with the carousel that does not have fixed images below it. But if you do select one of those you can replicate the by selecting under Appearance, Width of ‘Edge to Edge’.

However the carousel with out the fixed images doesn’t have this option, and I cannot find a way on classes either.

One option that does work, is add a structure bloc, then drop a carousel bric in it. then the bloc has the width option. Downside is it is not quite the same visually.