Image style with Volt

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well.

This question is probably more aimed at @InStacks rather than anyone else, but thought I’d post it here as there are a lot of Volt CMS users on the forum.

The headline says it all really, at the link below, I have 1 or 3 (depending on which viewport you go for) pictures at the head of each subsection which have a double green line around them It’s a class called ‘imgstyle’. In the Volt Core setup, I have the Styles Images input box filled in with ‘imgstyle’.

I would like the masonry gallery images to have the double green line on them, but it’s not showing - any thoughts anyone? I realise it’s probably me being stupid, but I sometimes (often) need to be guided around my stupidity!


Did you apply the image style class to every image in Volt editor?

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Ah No! That’ll be my stupid moment for today :slight_smile: - thanks very much.

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That was spot on @instacks, all sorted now, thanks very much……