Images horizontally smashed sometimes

I don’t understand why images sometimes get horizontally smashed when switching from LG to MD/SM/XS modes. When my graphics are resized as per the mode or display size, I naturally want the proportions to be unchanged. If an image starts out as 4:3, it should forever be 4:3.

When I select an image that has this problem and double-click the associated class (e.g., img-bloc-5-style, auto-generated by Blocs), it usually has a number for Height but nothing for Width. I can then fix it by deleting out the number in the height field. But my question is, why does it get a number in there in the first place? I would think Blocs should prevent this, unless it’s a bug at work.


James W.

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Anybody have any thoughts at all?

If the image is alone in a column it’s better to just resize the column.

You can also drag on the image itself in Blocs 3. Click on the right side middle handle to resize the image.

If you create a class just set the width (bloc will handle the height). If you add both dimensions then it will resize it to what you type. This is where you can get different ratios.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your thoughts, by my question though is why we even have to do that extra work (resizing columns, etc.) in the first place? What is causing some graphics to be smashed in this way. Is it a bug?

I’ve never had this problem following one of the above methods. We have to have the ability to resize images and columns so we have the ability to create custom layouts. If you use one of the default Blocs then your images will size to the columns


Maybe you could post an example of the images that are getting smashed so we could take a look.


There would be nothing special about me posting a pic of an image that is horizontally smashed. Again, it looks fine in LG, but when I switch to MD, the image gets horizontally smashed a little, and switching to SM smashes it more, and XS smashes it even more. And again, when I select the image and check the Class assigned to it, I see the reason – I see the Class has a number in the Height field but nothing for Width. When I delete the number out of the Height field, the problem goes away. Again, this is what I said in my OP. But as I asked in my OP, why does this happen in the first place? It seems to me to be a bug in Blocs. There’s no other logical explanation for it.

Then maybe you should file a bug report to Norm.


Yes indeed, and I do submit bug reports regularly to him. But the reason I posted in this public forum is to get a feel for how many Blocs users have seen this. It’s quite unusual in my opinion that only you replied to my thread, and it seems you have not seen the issue. I’ve been able to generate it with ease in Blocs, which implies that, bug or not, so should other people. Anyway, thank you for your replies, Casey.