Images look good on Desktop/iPad, but need to shrink down in phone view

Hello everyone,

Just started using blocs, and I have a question…

I am using an image gallery in my website, and have a 6 image row followed by another 6 image row (Total of 12 images). The size and look looks good on the Desktop and iPad displays, but the cellphone version doesn’t rescale the images to be in a smaller proportion to the phone display. It currently stacks the images , so it becomes one long column of 12 images before it gets to the next bloc. Problem is, I don’t want to rescale the images on the desktop /ipad version because then they become to small…Any ways I can tackle my problem?

Thank you guys!


Use the visibility options to show different images for mobile than on desktop/tablet.

Either have different blocs, or different images within the blocs.

When I switch modes between the Desktop, iPad and Cell, if I delete images for the cell option, will it delete images for my desktop version? How do I go about making the visibility of the desktop hidden, so I can place smaller images for the mobile version?

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!


If you look in the attributes panel you can make an image visible/invisible on selected devices. So if you put two images on a bloc and enable one for mobile only and the other for tablet and desktop, only one will ever be seen.