Implementing FAQ page schema into blocs


I’ve been reading Neil Patel, who I great on SEO.

He has a recommendation to implement FAQ page schema.

he writes:

How do I implement Schema and which to use?

There are two ways to implement it… either through JSON-LD or Microdata.

I recommend choosing one style and sticking to it throughout your webpage, and I also recommend not using both types on the same page.

JSON-LD is what Google recommends wherever possible and Google has been in the process of adding support for markup-powered features. JSON-LD can be implemented into the header of your content and can take very little time to implement.

He gives some sample code below which I’ve added to the header of the page. But when I preview the page it won’t load. Any help or any ideas?



Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Neil Patel

Do you have a URL?

Which code did you add?


yes I entered the following code to the head of this page:

Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Neil Patel

for faq you can use this generator