Importing picture imports incorrect picture

Today I tried to import a new image using the file picker in the asset manager, and when I did, blocs seems to have not actually imported the image but instead linked it to a different image that I had already imported. I then tried dragging the new image from the finder into the image block, and this time it flashed the correct image briefly, but then switched it to a random image I had previously imported.

Restarting the application doesn’t fix the issue.

I filed a bug report, but I’m hoping that someone has a workaround so I’m not stuck waiting for an update to continue building my site.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hello @mattyf
what happen if you do a new Projekt from scratch ? The same problem ?
Do you try to rename the file and import again ? What file you import ? jpg ?

I had the same problem when the image brick was selected.
I found that if I selected an unrelated BLOCK, clicking on the “add asset” symbol in asset manager was able to work correctly and add the image I wanted.
I also submitted a bug report. The odd thing is that it doesn’t just rename the upper-left image, but if you repeat trying to add an image, it works its way through the list of your already added images. Bizarre!

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Thanks Doug! This is the workaround I was hoping for.

I was excited by the idea of the workaround…but when I tried it…it didn’t work…so then I even created a new page…and still the problem persists, I am unable to import an image without the name being attached to an already imported image.

Suggestions Please…Thanks!

If your having issue, reporting a bug is a good idea so @Norm can sort it.