Improved List Items

It’s unnecessarily time consuming for us to add a paragraph Bric into each list item, especially in long lists that may have 10 or even 20 items in the list! When I create a List Item, I would like to have each item already have the Paragraph pre-inserted so the List Item is ready to be used.

If for some reason you cannot do that, then please allow us to copy and paste paragraphs into each List Item – preferably, allowing us to select all the items in the list so we need only hit Paste one time.

Add to that a “Numbered List” feature and List Items will then be pretty near perfect!


James W.


I happened to read this just as I was creating a list of 15 items and couldn’t help thinking it’s more work than it should be. I also noticed that if you change the alignment from left to centre on a link it seems to double the space between items.

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