Include photos in bloc file

Hello, I did build and publish my website online. ( Yesterday I did install a new OS on my macbook. The bloc file and all the photos I copied to an external harddisk. After copying back all of it to my macbook there was the trouble. My bloc file can not find the photos, they are not included in my file. Now I can start all over and because there are a lot of pictures on my site I am not happy. What can I do to get it right this time?

Thanks for your help!


Did you copy back the files to exactly the same folder structure as used for the original project?

yes I dit it one on one

Happened to me also.

That removes any possible relative/absolute pathing issues.

Just tried moving a project including photos off of my machine to an external drive and then back, but can’t repeat the issue you have. Sorry, but I am stuck now as to what to suggest.

sorry for the late reply on this. So as you mentioned assets are not stored within Blocs projects for numerous reasons. However, when Blocs cant find images it should give you warnings about missing images and allow you to reconnect once it finds one it will auto connect the rest.

So to clarify, you have all the assets (images) and all the Blocs project file on your machine.

So you get any kind of missing asset warning?

I am getting a little irritated as well every time I go back to edit my website it says all assets are missing and none of my images are loaded. I have all the save files and export files etc…how do I prevent this from happening?