Incorporate iWeb site into Blocs site?

I have an old iWeb multi-page site here…

What I’d like to do is somehow display it on a single page (if possible) in my new not-yet-designed Blocs website, while using the new website’s header and footer above and below it.

I can’t get my head around it…!



Why don’t just rebuild the site in Blocs?

I took a look at it, and I feel that you can build every element of this website in Blocs exactly the same, or even better. Or, is there any particular reason why you want to just embed this website into Blocs?


Hi, I’ve retired and it’s just for showing people I know what I used to do… it would be way too much hassle to rebuild it, plus I like the fact it’s ‘retro’.

Hence the wish to somehow incorporate it into a new Blocs site… maybe in a similar way to viewing Facebook in a frame… or maybe there’s a better way.

I’m not technical enough to figure it out!