Indent entire list?

I created a list (ugh!), and the text lines up with the left edge of the normal paragraphs above and below, but I want the BULLETS to line up with the left edge. How can you do this… or, better yet, how do you indent a list?

I tried applying a custom class to the list and I can change the indent of the text, but the bullets stay where they are. Why can’t you indent an entire “bric”?

Hello, I am not sure if I understand your problem, but have you already tried to add a left margin in the custom class?

Use the List bric. Add it to your page and then add paragraph or heading text into each line of the bric. To add the bullets, select the list container and click the bulleted list selector in the Appearance section of the styling dialog.


Yup… Have a custom class and tried to add 100px… nothing.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about. I created a List and then populated the items with Paragraph elements. I have NO custom class entered. You can see that the text lines up with the paragraph above it and the bullets hang outside the left margin paragraph area. The BULLETS should line up with the left margin, not the text.

The way I handle this is to add a paragraph bric. Then I add a single column row beneath the paragraph. Within the single column row, I add the list brics and within each of those I add a paragraph bric.

Select the list and set bullets to on. Now, this may be a quirk of Blocs, but the bullets should all line up as expected.

If it doesn’t immediately indent, with the one column row still selected, add a custom class (such as indent-list). Switch to the metrics tab and choose the left margin. Type “0” into the margin field or adjust the margin slider and the indent should appear - even if the margin is set to “0”. You could, of course, set the margin to whatever you like if you want a greater indent.

Yikes… that sounds clunky… I’ll give it a shot.