Infinite or infinate

Hi everyone,

I’m not a native speaker in English, but shouldn’t it be »infinite« instead of »infinate« in the sidebar navigation:

Animation -> Loops -> infinate

Blocs 2.4

Just to bring out the perfectionists in you …



Well spotted, I’ll get that typo fixed up in 2.4.1 coming this week.

@norm, norm I upgraded to the new version 2.4 and it’s 2.4 but hovering over the icon it says blocs 2.3.
Just a FYI.


I have upgraged too. Looks like it shows latest version you draged into application folder.
I did with 2.4 beta 20. Upgraded that version to 2.4 release and hovering still shows the beta.

As long as there is no 2.4 release .dmg file this is obviosly happening.

Another picky observation: the use of color / colour is not consistent: color in the sidebar, colour in the right click contextual menu (disregarding the fact that I don’t understand the »auto colour« setting …)



Me neither.
Never did.

I’ll tweak that, auto colour just means the object currently has the auto applied colour rather than a custom one that you select.

Good answer.
But what colour is the auto colour?

It changes based on object and bloc background colour.add a new Blocs with content, set its background colour dark and you will see the text within invert, this is auto colouring. A basic colour applied based on surrounding environment. It’s something most won’t even notice but has been in Blocs since day 1.

Thanks a lot for the clarification! It’s a very useful feature indeed and by playing around with it, I think I found out how it works:

»auto colour« apparently looks for the background colour of a bloc, even if it’s a full screen image (hero bloc) and you can’t see the background. So if you use a dark hero image, instead of changing the colour of each font manually, you can just set the background from white to black and the fonts will appear in white (and vice versa of course).

I’ll post this answer into my thread regarding this effect, so people looking for it will find ist.