Infinite Pre-loader and Browser cache Issues

Hey everyone, as some of you know we made some changes in the latest Blocs update regarding the pre-loader. If you are experiencing an infinite pre-loader since updating your site with 2.5, it’s very likely caused by browser cache.

We created this knowledge base post to help you resolve the infinite pre-loader issue.

We also created this knowledge base post on hard reloading a page, which fixes various styling issue caused by browser cache too.

So next time you export and upload to your server, if you notice some issues with styling or function, don’t forget to check you have the latest version of your site code loading with a hard reload.



Thanks Norm, this is very helpful. Some of my clients have experienced this also. I was wondering if you might add a third browser to your list of how-to’s? Maybe show a little love to the Windows community. Is there people still using windows? :smile:

Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button.


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No. :smiley::blush::sunglasses:

@casey1823 & @Bootsie

Windows and Android dominate the marketshare worldwide. So even though your sites may be made on a Mac they wont necessarily be viewed on one, or its mobile iOS alternative, so plan accordingly.


OK. :roll_eyes::smirk::neutral_face:

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Well at least you got to use 3 more smilies.