Info on accordions


is there a way to leave all the sections of an accordion collapsed? Right now when I open section 2, section 1 closes and so on…


I think you need the world famous Flashman solution discovered entirely by chance and experimentation Accordian Bric

apart from the solution that @Flashman has suggested, if you want a simple accordion effect where all the sections are closed, you may like to make your own accordion using the visibility options in Blocs. The downside is that the sections will not close automatically when a new section is clicked - you have to click a second time to close.

To see how this option works, place some Title & Paragraph brics on the page - one after the other. Then select each paragraph in turn and give them unique ID’s eg. text1, text2, text3 etc. Then highlight each heading and make them into links. In the interactions section of the properties panel select Toggle visibility as the interaction type and target the appropriate text ID’s in the Target ID’s box. If you now select each paragraph, you will be able to switch visibility off (the eye icon in the Visability section of the properties panel). This will cause all the paragraphs to be hidden on page load. Clicking a heading will then reveal the paragraph. Clicking again will close it.

This may not be as convenient as a traditional accordion, but at least you can have all the text boxes closed at the outset. It may be that this option would suit your purposes better.

Thanks for the replies but I think I badly explained myself.
I have two accordion areas: “equipments” and “price”. When I load the page “equipments” is open and “price” is closed - and that suits well to me - but when I click on “price” I would like that area to opens and “equipments” to STAY OPENED.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks so much.

I’ve not tried this but I think you could do that with the solution @hendon52 suggested using visibility. It’s not really accordion behaviour.

I would approach this a bit differently. I would create a bloc with two columns - one to show “Equipment” and one to Show “Price”. This way, when the bloc is made visible it will show both the “equipment” AND the “Price” information.

If, for some reason, you want the site visitor to get to the price info with multiple clicks, simply add a link in the “equipment” text and have the “price” info open in another text bric (using the visibility option). Remember, visibility options can be applied to text brics within the same bloc. See the example below.