Inserting images between paragraphs

I had been using Dreamweaver for over 5 years and recently converted to Muse. With Muse going away, I am looking for new software for my site. I have a cruise review website that has long pages of text and photos that are inserted between paragraphs. I can have over 100 photos on a page. So I have a paragraph with one to 6 photos under it, then more text and more photos, etc.

I was hoping that Blocs would work; but I haven’t found any blocs that are for a blog type page like I have. I just need a single text column that I can easily insert images that are already sized for the page. The only single bloc I found does not appear to accept text. I must be missing something. Is there a way to have a single column text box?

It also appears that I am not able to just insert the images between the paragraphs. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

The key here is to stay away from the standard blocs. Instead use the basic structure bloc (single column). Once the bloc is on the page, use brics to create the block layout you need. For example, if you want to create a Bloc with a couple of rows of full width text with a row of images between the full width text brics, simply add a multi column row bric in between the text brics. Its a very flexible way to create a bloc style that suits your needs. In the attached screenshot, I’ve set up a standard single column structure bloc, added two paragraph brics and then added a 3-column row bric between the paragraphs. In each column I added an image bric.

Maybe you could supply a link of the current site so we could get a better idea on what your asking for?


Good to see that I can have a single text column. But are you saying that I would have to put a text bric for every new paragraph after I insert images? With Dreamweaver and Muse, I can just insert the images within the text, which cuts out a lot of work. I normally write my review without photos in Word and then paste the text onto a web page. I then just insert images and move them around or delete them if I want to. As per casey1283’s request, I will put a link to one of my review pages on this post to show you what I mean. There is a lot of text and images on each page. I realize that long pages are not recommended for websites; but this is just a hobby site that many people visit each day to help plan their vacations.

I must have something wrong with my install. It is version 2.5.2; but there is no hamburger menu on the upper left like what is shown on the video tutorial I have been watching.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello! Can you share the screenshot? It’s difficult to understand what you mean. I checked and everything looks fine with 2.5.2.

As an ex-muse user, I understand that you are talking about inline images. It’s not a feature that is particularly useful in today’s world of responsive websites. Although it was possible to do it in Muse, it was a multi-step process. Copy the image, place it and then use the wrap panel to set up the wrapping options. The problem always started when switching to other device views, such as a mobile. Whilst the text would reflow, the inline images had a bad habit of being non-responsive, meaning that they often displayed beyond the width of the device viewing screen.

With blocs app, the situation is more in line with the needs of responsive designers. It’s a discipline that allows text and image brics to be added to a page, safe in the knowledge that they will rearrange and resize correctly on other device screens. In many respects, I think your style of website would be better suited to a blogging platform so that you can simply create a number of articles, each with their own inline images. That said, I have created a number of article-type websites and found the bloc/bric arrangement to be very helpful. Essentially, I treat a bloc as an article container and then add paragraph brics for each paragraph of text I’m writing. Not only does this create nice, evenly spaced out paragraphs, it also allows me to go back and add-in image brics or multi column rows between paragraphs at a later stage. The key is, I know that all my content will be responsive. Personally, I haven’t found it any more time consuming than using MUSE with its multi-step method of adding inline images. I also have the flexibility of adding multiple images in a row between paragraphs - simply add a multi column row for the number of images to be added. They all space out nicely and all respond to different device layouts.

I have just started using Muse and have done the previous reviews in Dreamweaver, which is very easy to use for what I do.

With my work flow, I insert several photos and then move them around; and maybe delete some. With the reviews having 20-30,000 words and 600-1,000 photos, being able to just insert the pics between paragraphs is a lot easier.

I have chosen not to use responsive with Muse, since I didn’t like the end result on mobile. I might be a bit behind the current ways; but it works for my site.

Thank you for your comments. They are appreciated.

All that is happening is that you are mixing images and paragraphs and there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s easy and quick to do. If you have 5 images and 5 paragraphs add them all at the same time and just move them up and down. It’s quick. You can also duplicate brics.

I took a look at the site - I understand now why mobile is something that you aren’t very concerned about.

If there was one thing you can do to this site it would be to use columns of text, like a newspaper, to make the text easier to read.

Ironically my Son works for an up-market travel magazine and I suspect we would both also suggest that editing and organisation is a good thing. I think that you would get a lot more from the process if you organised the content, looked at what you could leave out and made the site more about your experience than an extended photographic record of the ship, etc…

I’d be happy to hear about your experiences but the lack of editing and organisation meant I didn’t have the patience to explore the site. Quality is better than quantity.

You are blessed to have the resources to travel so much.

Thanks for your comments and I do realize that it could made more professional. I put in lots of photos to help us remember what we experienced; as well as to help others see what there is in various ports and on excursions. Many people just go to our site to see the various menus for drink prices and others look for ship reviews or tour options in various ports. For us, it allows us to relive our adventures very easily. We have indeed been blessed to have been able to travel as much as we have; but since we are older now, it will slow down; and this site will be the way for us to remember our experiences when that is all we can do.

I do believe that Blocs is very nice for most websites; but for my purpose, it probably won’t work out too well. I will keep playing with it during the trial period; but will either go back to Dreamweaver or possibly WordPress.

I hope you persevere with blocsapp. I’ve used a number of programs for developing websites and once blocsapp clicks it’s as simple as it comes - it has a very shallow learning curve.

I can completely understand that as a personal project, your website as-is is just as you like it.

I hope you continue to use blocsapp and continue to enjoy creating the website.


Thanks Paul. I will keep playing with it to see if it can be adapted, since it is a nice program.