inStack Portfolio Bric - Teaser


Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you the current state of inStacks Portfolio, a custom Bric available soon.

A lot of work already went into it, it isn’t finished by now and needs some additional customization, but you will have an idea.

You will be able to use different image sources (starting with a web folder of images) and display the images in different grids and lightboxes.


Let me know what you think of it.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

How to Create A Simple Lightbox Gallery

Hey, nice work!

Looking forward to the release!


Awesome!!! :sunglasses:


incredible, it would be a pleasure to use that type of galleries! Congratulations and waiting soon for it.


INCREDIBLE. when do you think it will be ready!?

so amazing


This looks great :ok_hand:


Looks really nice. Great work! :+1:


Thanks! I guess it will be in the span of some weeks. I need to add additional options, so that the appearance is able to be adjusted in a good way.

That’s all new for us, so we have to make sure not only BlocsApp is ready, also we developers have to make sure everything is well tested.



I guess it will take some more weeks :wink:


@InStacks do you know already a release date for your Portfolio bric?


I will wait with the release until Blocs 3 is available.


Thank you for the Information. I wrote you a message.


Any news on a release date? Just building a site where I’d be grateful for this.


Rebuilding it for Blocs 3 currently!


I would also buy this!


made in Germany, yea!