Installation of blocsapp with pulsecms

Hello everyone, buy pulsecms for the web pages that have sections where the client can edit!

I installed pulsecms on the server, like in the video! but I can not connect the blocsapp files with pulsecms!

Also install as a second time exporting the template of blocsapp and changing the folders in pulsecms as in one of their videos, but only I mark error!

I would like to know if someone has the correct steps to install from blocsapp to pulsecms!

all help is good at this time

Hello @nelo

I use blocs and pulse for some clients. I do the installation step by step what is shown in the videos …work…
I don’t have an idea what’s wrong. I think the best way is to write @pulsecms they have a great support. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

One thing: you have export the files „export as pulse cms“ ?

I already sent an email to support yesterday but I have not received an answer! I have followed the videos and the example page looks perfect but when doing it with the blocsapp website you can not access the administrator … I’m against the clock at this moment

Hi @nelo
Thanks for your mail.
Its a few month ago that I have install pulse. The steps ( I think )
I have:

  1. buy and download Puls cms
  2. load it on the server. If you have your site in the root folder ( /. ) than you load the files in that folder. If you have a folder for webspace ( for example /website ) than you load the files in this folder. But! I don’t have upload the whole pulse folder , I upload the single files from this folder I have downloaded …
  3. I go to the site and install pulse on the server. I think you have to type something ( )
  4. I export my Projekt as an pulse theme
  5. I do an upload only from two folders from my blocs Projekt ( templates and content )
  6. the question ( already on the server - replace ?) yes !
  7. check the site online …
  8. log in ( for example - )
  9. the default password is „demo“
  10. enter the password and than you must see the pulse dashboard …
  11. change your Passwort

But please remember it is a few month ago …
I am sorry

thanks for answering! This is what is happening:

and this is what is shown in the administration panel

all broken links, unlinked images! This has already become somewhat frustrating! I already have 4 days of delay with this page, and it is only an area that is manageable! today if I’m stressed because I can not find a solution to make this work !!!

Thanks for the help!!!

Control please if the folder rights are set correctly. Perhaps during the upload they got changed. @pulsecms any idea?