Integrations / options possible?


I became aware of Blocs at the end of last year and played around with the trial version in the last few days. After such a short time I have to say that I am totally amazed and I would be happy if the following integrations would be possible before I buy the app:

  • Calendar Integration
    I created my current website with wordpress and there I created the possibility for visitors to register with name and e-mail address at an event and receive a confirmation by e-mail. I did this with a PlugInn (Events Made Easy). Can I do this in a similar way with Blocs?

now there are only little things that I didn’t find in the program.

  • Icon selection
    can I upload and use my individual icon or only those suggested in Blocs?

  • Share button
    Give a button the activity a certain article/blog I wrote on FB/Twitter/Instagram … to share?

  • Newsletter integration
    I send my newsletter via and wordpress also has a plugin that makes it very easy to subscribe to the newsletter. Is this or something similar with Blocs?

  • With the carousel bric
    can I have a title displayed for a particular slide of the carousel? And can I tell the carousel bric that it should only be shown / hidden on certain pages?

Thank you very much for the effort and I am looking forward to the answers.

Hey Alex,

Welcome to the Blocs community.

Calendar Integration
Blocs doesn’t have this built in, however Im sure there will be 3rd party options like Googles available that you could easily embed with the code widget.

Icon selection
You can add your own png,jpg and svg icons to Blocs using the Asset Manager.

Share button
Blocs hasa . tweet button, but you could always embed more using the code widget.

Newsletter integration
Again this would be embedded from the 3rd party using the code widget. You would need to check with the vendor to see what options they offer regrading embedding. Most like mail chimp offer embed forms that can be added to pages easily by just cutting and pasting a code snippet.

With the carousel bric
Yes, just remove the carousel per page, this would require that you do not put the carousel in the top global area of the project as it will show on every page. You can also add text into the carousel slide, the text below the carousel is not part of the carousel.

I hope that helps.

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