Interaction: Download file

Hi we dont understand how this new Interaction: Download file, works.

Could you help us please ?


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In Assets manager you need to include a zip or pdf. it works only with these two extensions.

When you have imported your files for download it appears under file dropdown. So you can choose the file.
Second option is to drop those files on canvas and the button will be created.

From docs:
File Download Interaction
The file download interaction lets you set a file that will be automatically downloaded when a visitor clicks the item. You can also quickly create file download buttons by simply dragging files such as ZIPs or PDF’s from Finder onto the Blocs design canvas.

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That is great! Thank you very much!



We have a problems when exporting the project that the “downloads” folder isnt created, so the download link / button does not work.

What could be wrong?

What version of Blocs are you using? This was a bug during the beta but it’s since been fixed.

its version 2.5.0

What type of file have you added as a download?

You are definitely not using a beta version of Blocs 2.5.

Hi Norm,

I tried it with an empty .pdf file and it worked ok, then I tried with another .pdf file that had content and it does generate the download folder.

We just normally updated the blocsapp to 2.5

I just doubled checked this an its working for me. try this.

• Create a new project and add a block

• Now drag on a PDF file from finder onto the Bloc you just added, it should create the download button for you.

• Hit alt+command+B to preview in browser. When you click the button does the PDF load in the browser (when hosted this would download)?

Hi, creating a new project it works, but on existing ones it did not seem to work…

Thanks for your help!

I can confirm this behavior.
In an old project created with 2.1 or so it does not work.
Drag and drop a .pdf creates the button but clicking on it does nothing.

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Ok I’ll look into this!

Fixed and ready for 2.5.3.


well done. … again. :wink: