Interaction panel not always showing up after a few edits

I’m making progress with my first Blocs website-- 6 pages so far. It’s been fun (with a bit of a learning curve).

Occasionally, when I go to edit a lightbox or 3 col gallery, the “interaction” panel will not appear so I can’t edit a caption or change an image. I’ve tried clicking in various areas around the image, but still no luck. I’ve tried shutting down the app, and restarting, but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? Probably something really stupid, but … Thanks in advance.

Simple check: Have you accidentally selected the row/bloc instead of the carousel or whatever? The breadcrumb trail at bottom left in Blocs shows the hierarchy with the rightmost item being the currently selected item.

For example:
Bloc Row Carousel … shows that the carousel is selected
Bloc Row … shows that it isn’t!

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Thanks I’ll take a look at the breadcrumb area-- didn’t realize it was there.