While there were certainly times when I felt that Blocs made no sense at all or, perhaps more accurately, I was making poor sense of what Blocs can do, this wonderful application made what initially felt impossible, possible. And thus

Let me know what you think.



Congrats, I think overall you did a really nice job. I think it’s laid out well, nice crisp graphics, and it reads really nice. I’m one who loves the bigger text with nice line height.

I do have a few issues, and some are just personal choices.

The Home Page: I like the sections using the scroll but I think maybe a button would help visitors more than just the text links. It took me a second to realize they were text links.

Why no footer on the home page? I think it would be fine and help with navigation.

The About Page: How come you left off the top menu?

Tech page: Why did you use a different font on this page?

On the mobile side: the hamburger menu is on different sides. The desktop home page on the right. mobile pages on the left?

Some of the text on the home page on the small breakpoint the margins are not consistent?

Don’t get me wrong, these are just some observations. The site works well. Again congrats, you should be proud of your work.


Just a quick note.
iPad landscape hamburger icon is under Instagram icon

Thanks for the catch. Not owning an iPad, I relied on SW emulation of various tablet and mobile devices, but still didn’t check landscape view for iPads. I’ll have to see how I can fix that. I wish Blocs had a landscape mode for that.

Buttons for the home page is sound advice even if the text acts as prompts.

I did initially have a footer on the home page but preferred the images not by cropped visually by it. If stats prove out that it hinders how people discover content on the site, I’ll probably change that.

Same with the About page. But perhaps what looks best doesn’t function best in this respect.

Tech page: different subject, thus different font set.

I found that desktop and mobile site design often follows this disparity. Many major sites tend to favor mobile navs on the left and desktop on the right.

The home page tends to under preform in many ways for smaller breakpoints. It was the hardest set of issues to resolve and I really need some new and improved design strategies for the next iteration of the site.

Thanks Casey. All great points.

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It’s a beautiful site blocman94 - when visiting, i feel compelled to read more.

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Please do! Hoping to provide more content, some different navigational aides and make it more reliable on mobile devices.

great site! Love the graphics…your photo is awesome…looking forward to having more time to read what you’ve posted.

One thing, the snap-scroll navigation on the left might be easier to see if it was white or a more contrasting color that works on all the sections.

If you wish, there is a class to make any changes to it, which you can do a search for in this forum

Thanks Daniel. Great suggest on white snap-scroll nav. I’ll find it and make the change.

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