Introducing Site Search Custom Bric

Hey everyone, I just released a new premium set of Brics that let you quickly and easily add realtime search functionality to your sites built with Blocs.

The setup process is pretty fast and efficient. Simply add the main site search Bric to any Blocs website and export, Blocs will handle the rest. If you want to enhance the precision of search results you can also populate the SEO keyword page settings for more in depth search filtering.

You can checkout Site Search here.


Please confirm since I using El Capitan and the problem that I cannot use my keyboard in Blocs 3 to search for Elements this new Bric will not work for me?

The search bric can still be manually located by scrolling. It adds search to your site and uses web technology so it will work fine. The issue you have with search inputs is a native Mac issue.

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I have been using this bric for a while and it’s great!
If anyone is interested in a video review, check out this video I just published on YouTube.


Thanks, Eldar, I’m sure this video will help users learn how to use the site search bric. It’s a great addition to Blocs. @Norm thanks for the support doc that comes with it, and especially the classes associated with search. I think all developers should add the classes, with anything new some always want to learn how to customize it.



Yeah Im planning on adding notes like that with all of my Brics.


I already implemented it on one of my sites and it works great. So easy to set up.