iOS home screen icon Solved

Hi Guys,

Some advice please how to create a IOS home screen icon.

Thanks, Michael

Go here.

This will make icons for all devices. Download the icon package and upload them to your severs root directory.

Works like a charm.


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Works for me too.
You’ll need to add code to header.
Also try Safari pinned tab icon.

Thanks for the help. But where do I place what exacly?
Thanks, Michael

If you go to the page with the link it will give you instructions on how to create and download the icon package.
Once you download the package it will have some text you put in the header section of your page and you have to upload the package to your servers root directory where your web-site is hosted.


Hi Casey,

I’m doing something wrong. Please advise.
There are two code files, (1) browserconfig.xml and (2) manifest.sjon.

When I past (1) I get #da532c in the top left of my page
and with (2) I get the complete code in my heather.

What am I missing?


Problem solved, used the wrong code

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