iPad break points frustration

My website works reasonably well on PC, and iPhone in both portrait (best) and landscape (tolerable).

But on iPad it’s a disaster.

I’ve just done the top bit of the home page as a test for iPad…

In portrait mode it works okay - I can fix the issues.

But in landscape mode it’s a disaster…

Despite being hidden from iPad view, the PC’s parallax effects are seen. I can’t stop the iPad from seeing them, and of course it looks terrible. As I say, in the Blocs app they are hidden!

Any ideas?




Are you sure you did hide the bloc, not the bric? I did this mistake a couple of times, so maybe it is the case with your site as well. When you select the bloc, make sure that it says ‘bloc’ in the bottom left corner. And only then, hide it on tablet and mobile views.


Hello @Ian

I understand your frustration.
Personally I’ve never liked that parlax effect, your eyes focus on the wrong things when the page scroll but the image in the background is fixed but at the same time revealed like a slide while scrolling.
Nah… I would skip that parlax.
I think it’s meant not to work on mobiles/tablet to save battery.

You could make the images like this and have them scroll with the page.
Kind of the same look but not as confusing as the parallax thing.

Cheers / Johny

Yep, definitely the bloc!

In the ‘preview’ mode it’s darkened, on the iPad it shows bright as day.


I like the parallax effect!

I’m not expecting it to actually work on the iPad, I don’t want it to show. Which is how it’s set.

Anyway, not the point… blocs should work better than this.