iPad Display Issue

Hi, I am using the 2.4 b19 build and cannot fathom what I am doing wrong. For the main browser view I am using a parallax image across a number of block, which causes the iPad and iPhone rendering to the image as a fixed back ground in each of the blocs.

So, I have setup specific versions without the background in place for the iPad and iPhone versions. iPhone works perfectly. But for the iPad I am getting the same result as if I was simply using a parallax and it is ignoring what I have set up specifically for the iPad.

Cleared the cache, double checked using Blocs view option and all look good until the iPad gets the site.

Any guidance appreciated.

Kind of answered my own question, works fine in portrait, but lost in Landscape. Is there anyway of forcing the same when the iPad is orientated as landscape?

I’m still familiarizing meself with the three versions. After trial and error I’m thinking to get everything looking right on Tablet and Mobile modes first using the functions to the right of Blocsapp page and then using classes to arrange the page elements for Desktop design. The classes have functions that may work for Desktop that don’t do anything in the Tablet and Mobile modes.

Those Tablet and Mobile pages have to be good. They’re half of all traffic now.

A real nice, simple Tablet and Mobile website I recently found:


I agree, and have used the various view by device settings which work fine in portrait. I just don’t think that there is a way force things set for a tablet that will retain the layout in both portrait and landscape. Landscape tries to act like a full browser, but lacks the parallax functionality, which makes for a messy look.

That is a nice site, very clean.