iPhoneX Full-Menu

Hi - I am getting ready to launch new site, and am using solis (amazing btw) to preview the site for how it will look on mobile devices.

I am wondering how to get around an issue with the iPhoneX displaying the full menu in landscape. All the other devices look good.

It is cutting off the company name, as you can see on the left hand side.


@emcee, do you know the pixel resolution that is displaying on your iPhoneX? Do you happen to know if there’s a setting on your iPhoneX where you can adjust the screen resolution? I ask because I have just acquired a new iPhoneX and oddly, when I test a current website I’m building on it, it’s showing the tablet size settings with the hamburger icon. The tablet size (SM in Blocs) begins at 992px and goes down to 768px.

@Creative it was in Solis that I was testing the site. So whatever the default resolution for the iPhoneX: 1125 x 2436