Is Blocs for me?

Hi there,

I have to create a website that requires a product list page with some filters, and I was wondering if Blocs (and perhaps some CMS integration) can suit me.

Is it possible?


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Possibly, but it will require work on your part and familiarity with blocsapp and CMS integration.

It won’t be there on a plate out of the box.

Depends how complex you want the filters to be @Lkami - could even start with a long list and use anchor links depending on the kind of info you want to show (and the volume). You could do that in Blocs already.

As for the CMS side - Blocs works really well with Pulse:

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no problem, ready to learn :wink:

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it’s pretty simple, 4 variables, 20-30 products.

thanks! i’ll try it

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