Is Blocs suitable for a large website?

I am considering moving my existing sites from Sandvox to Blocs. I have done so successfully with one of my smaller sites at which has 17 pages for ~110 MB. But my other sites are much larger with hundreds of pages and up to ~1.6 GB. Here is one of the Sandvox sites:
Each page has a couple to a dozen or more photos so there are a lot of assets, probably 500-600. I am concerned that organizing the pages in Blocs and the asset organization might be a problem.
Any advice is welcome, thank you.

I don’t see any problem if you want to build a large site in blocsapp, I think that is for the consideration of each user!

If you have a good organization, for your pages and for each asset, I don’t think it’s a bigger problem.

Like if you feel comfortable making a great page in WP it is valid!

Optimize your RRSS well and you can create something good.

But this is just my opinion.

Having just started using Blocs, I would say yes, but I think the only thing that would bug me with a site with loads of pages would be the navigation between them while constructing the site.
Again, being new to it, I may have missed something, but a way of having/ adding/removing the page view at a different thumbnail size, or a list, might be a good thing in the future so you can see more than 5 pages per screen.

I am building a site of around 100 pages at the moment and it’s quite feasible but needles to say a big job in any design app. If possible try to organise the page order in advance.

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The biggest Blocs website I have ever made was about 110 pages, and it worked wonderfully. The performance of the Blocs app was the same with 10 and 110 pages, on my 12-inch MacBook.

I would strongly recommend to use the Hosted Assets feature of Blocs 3 to make updating the website much faster. If you keep all of your images organized, it should be fine.



I haven’t made a site that big in Blocs myself, although I would create a template with blocs and use a CMS and automate a lot of it.