Is it possible in blocs to do a dropwown navigation without JS

Hi all

I have created a dropdown menu in blocs app but uses javascript because when delete it it doesn’t work …

I am doing a shop in in blocs app for Ebay shop this only stumbling block I have now …

any help would be appreciatted.

thank you


Custom CSS/only dropdown menu’s are something you can implement if you build the nav yourself.

  1. Attach the proper CSS to Blocs app.
  2. Put your markup for the menu inside one of Bloc’s “HTML Brics”.

It’s really that simple. You’ll lose the benefits of managing the links through the Blocs app, but it works, and it can be added to the dynamic section of the page the same as any Bloc/Bric making it available across your site if needed.

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Hi, you can create simple navigation using text brics and links. You can even place an icon with visibility function activated to make it show/hide on a press. I think it will not use any js.


Because of what i am trying to do think only option is html brick and link to CSS file.

thank you all for confirming what i expected.

Kind regards