Is it possible to this navigation effect in Blocs?

Hi guys
Dose any one know if it is possible to do the effect of navigation with transparency and smooth transaction to sticky menu as Apple have in this page?
In this exemple Apple have two navigation menus.

For a wile I am looking to try to this in Blocs but with no success. The sticky mode do not have this smooth transition but I wold be happy only with transparency.
With Blocs we could do a kind of solution but not the same.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Francisco,

I am not sure this is what you are asking, but I have tried to answer your question.



@Eldar, fantastic your help with videos…

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for the blur effect you can use a custom class (menu). than put this code into your header

<style> .menu {
-webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(12px);
} </style>

I use this at my website

But this effect works with safari only. Other browsers don’t support the blur effect.


Excellent Eldar! So simples after all. Thanks so much.

ps: I was not looking exactly the same as Apple’s page, so your video is fine. However it will be very nice to have more features in Blocs concerning this little things, like smooth transitions, customise time in transition end so on.

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Thanks so much RME! Very nice effect! I also like the solution of the menu.
Very nice job!