Is it really mobile first?

Hi folks,

I’m a newbie checking out the trial now, so please bear with me.

I’ve read a multitude of threads here, that it’s best to work from the bottom up, which means starting with XS and tweaking the styles on larger breakpoints.

I fully agree, this is how I worked with webdesign for a long time now.

But I can’t make it work like this. If I create a class on XS, let’s say I set the H1 font size to 44px on XS, it’s NOT 44 on SM, MD, LG.

However, if I make it 44 on LG, it IS 44 on every other breakpoint.

Is it possible to work mobile first in Blocs?


Bootstrap is mobile first and some things is Blocs respect that. I think though that Blocs is catering for people who don’t understand the concept in some cases. And if you look at the CSS you can see for custom classes the way the media queries are handled.

Unfortunately with the trial I cannot see the CSS, afaik.
Would you be so kind to show us the way the media queries are handled?
It would be absolutely great!

Make a test project up and then use the browser inspector to see the way the css is being used.