Is that possible? ( Divider )

I use Blocs 3. And I want to do something like that ( see screenshot )

But there is a lot of space between the Divider …
I have set anything to no marging


is there a way to close the space between the divider row ?!
thanks a lot

Hi @tom2, I’m not sure if I got your problem right, but a possible solution to decrease the div padding is to create a custom class for the text, and put a negative value on the bottom margin…I will attach a screenshot to make it more clear!
Let me know if that helps!

PS you could add a custom class to the div too and play with margin values to move it up or down!

There’s another way, not using the divider, but does takes several steps and elements, and custom classes.

The result looks like this (of course styled as you wish):

The structure looks like this:

There’s a bunch of details for creating this, so let me know if after staring at the ‘structure’ image if you can make sense of it or not.

Basically you are using 2 separate and stacked single column blocs to generate each paired row of the table, and using NONE for padding for each paired bloc, and then you duplicate this paring as many times as you need to complete the table.

Then, for the DATE/CITY/LOCATION, add the bric 3X COLUMN ROW in the empty single column bloc, setting the bric’s ROW to NO GUTTER, and use a Custom Class on the ROW with a border on the bottom edge only. Then, in the right side inspector use bottom alignment for each of the 3 columns (Date/City/Location).

For the entries below the line (Jan/LA/Staples) use the same 3X COLUMN ROW bric, and use Top alignment (or X, as it likely won’t matter) for each column.

Then, for the text itself, use Paragraph brics, delete the default paragraph to keep just one word for the top row, and whatever for he paired bottom row, and create a CUSTOM CLASS to style the text with padding as needed.

Hi @DanielF and @Gianni
thanks for your help …


Of course. btw, you can use negative margin on the divider bric, and a custom class to change the color of the divider, but you will find it gets a bit fussy to work with, both visually in the editor, and when trying to select the different text boxes, as well as it could alter the size of the main ‘container’ for the bloc which often times has consequences down the road when you are designing.