Is there a maximum limit for the created pages on blocs?

Friends, how much can you create pages on Blocs?

Can I make a catalog of 500 pages?

I assume so unless Blocs isn’t able to handle a HUGE project.
Maybe @Norm can help out.

There is no limit, just consider the bigger the project the longer it takes to load in Blocs, and the app may become slower too. However, I’ve personally seen projects with hundreds of pages working just fine.

Are we able to see those online?

I hadn’t imagined blocsapp for such a large site.

I’ve just seen the project files when fixing bugs, I don’t keep tabs of the live links unfortunately.

After the Blocs 2.4 stable release, I will do the test to see how many pages are too many :grin:

Tell me then about the results?:grin:

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