Is there a possibility to turn off the scroll FX effect on mobile mode?

Is there a possibility to turn off the “scroll FX” effect on mobile mode? It does work perfectly even on tablette, but once on mobile phone the text apears too late, does not center before it disapear up the page, these same for the “fade in” mode thats apears too late so the upper text is invisible.

thanks a lot

There might be a simpler way to do this, but I simply duplicate the bloc and make the original one visible on on desktop and tablet, and not mobile - and on the duplicate, visible on mobile only and turn off the scroll FX.

But to be honest - I try not to do too much on the scroll fx side of things.

There is Scroll FX Extras in the Blocs store which might give more control, this is at a great price and made by @Whittfield who is great at support and will assist on any questions you might have.

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thanks for your answer

Hi @joa,

I can’t make a claim without knowing if there’s anything odd about your page that would affect this, but I’ve had many people use the bric precisely for the same purpose as you are asking about.

I think Scroll FX Extras does what you want in terms of making the animation trigger properly in the right place on all devices for you. You can’t disable the scroll effect on mobile however.