Is there an event calendar bric or bloc?

Brand new user. Using trial. Hoping it was simple but wow. Learning curve. But staying with it.

In my current Wordpress website I have a calendar ‘widget’ thing that lets me show available speaking dates that are free and those already booked. Does BLOCS have one of these I can add to my page? Many thank

Hi PD - I use Google calendar as at, though I did have some snags in implementation. If you also get stuck, see the threads on this forum.

Thanks a lot. I see how it looks in the Colchester cycling diary. That would be fine for me. Thanks a lot. LOVE the site by the way. I’m a huge Bianchi fan and love my recreational rides on the gorgeous Infinito!! . We are just getting into the great riding weather here in Adelaide and already looking forward to the TDU in January :slight_smile: . Thanks again for the tip. I have a ‘web guy’ perhaps building me a BLOCS site as the learning curve is a bit steep. I will certainly tell him about using or embedding a google calendar Cheers and best wishes,


Hi Philip – stick with Blocs because it’s worthwhile. Dip into the forum regularly and you’ll be surprised what you can learn.

My cycling is more utility these days but Britain is very much like Australia – car dominated. If you ever come to Europe, take a ride around a Dutch town or city to see how they facilitate ordinary cyclists while not hindering motorists.