Is there any way to add a multi-gradient?

I was just wondering if there is any way you can make a multi-gradient in the Blocs app. Instead of a gradient between just two colors, I’m looking to add a gradient that looks like this:

#0f0c29 -> #302b63 -> #24243e


Welcome to the forum.

1.] You can get / copy the code from that site, or another, after you create / find the gradient you like.



2.] Paste it into a text editor, define and wrap the css in class selector as well as the css style tag.


3.] Then add that to the page you wish to apply it within via:

Page Settings --> Add Code --> Header


4.] Now apply that class to the Bloc, Row, etc., you wish to target.


5.] Now go to: View --> Preview in Browser

You should now see your desired gradient if you did everything correctly. Hope it helps your efforts.



This is exactly what I’m looking for!! Thank you so much for the detailed step-by-step.

You’re welcome.

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