Is this possible (slideshow)?


Possible new Bloc(er).
Can a slideshow in Blocs have images that are hyperlinked?
A slideshow like this…

but when you click the image it brings you to new page etc.
I think this was something that Blocs did NOT do when they began- seeing if things have changed.

Also if it can and you have a site with it, please share link to see.

thanks for any reply.



I don’t think you can add a hyperlink to the slide images, but there is an option to overlay text on slides and this can easily be hyperlinked. EG “Click here for details…” etc which could take you to another page.


Take a look at Swiper, each image can have it’s own link:


Thanks Lucas.

The image is hyperlinked or the text on the image?
I am looking to do something just like this…



Norm, will this long time feature be possible.
Where the actual image in a slideshow can be hyperlinked and we can choose to open in new tab or not.
Not looking to add a small clickable text box that says “learn more.”

even disney has this… they have a learn more but you CAN click the image and my audience is 10-12 year olds who are used to this.




In Swiper the text is hyperlinked.