Is transparent colourpossible in Blocs?

Can any one tell me if it is possible to make something like the navigation menu have a transparent colour so that the background behind it shows through?

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Is transparent colour possible in Blocs

Yes, but you have to use Custom Classes and the Class Manager to have access to RGBA and opacity, unfortunately the Global Swatches panel does not presently support it.

Thanks for that.
Is this documented anywhere on how to do it?

The current iteration of the documentation can be found here. However it’s presently far from being all inclusive across aspects of the app and some items discussed and screen shots may not be up to date fully.

You can find the specifics for Custom Classes and the Class Manager at < those two links.

Just FYI also, Norm has stated that the Documentation will be updated after/during the 2.4 release, so lets all hope for an actual huge improvement when that time comes. Various suggestions for documentation, sample files, videos have been made by users previously, so we will see what comes of it. :wink:

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