Issue that caused deleted classes to remain in project

I created a Subclass lib “Dropdown Button Background”.
Made all settings in the class manager and checked the dropdown menu.
Then I found out that I don’t want this subclass anymore.
I deleted it but the settings remain in the dropdown menu.

Try using 2.3.1 beta, its already fixed in there.

Norm I am on 2.3.1 Build3.
That’s why i’m surprised.

I’m talking about a Subclass lib. I can’t get rid of.

In the meantime I’m on Build4.
Same thing.
But only with the “Dropdown Button Background”.
Deletion works OK with the “Dropdown Button Links”.

ah ok, I’ll check that. So you are deleting via the class manager?

Yes Sir.,
I do.

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I have the same issue, 2.5.1 release. I cannot delete using the x next to the class for a block. The only way that I have found is to delete the class from the class manager and then recreate the class again. Thankfully, this was early on in the project :slight_smile:

Same issue with me when I tried to remove grad background

I’ve deleted a subclass (.navbar-toggle .icon-bar) because it wasn’t working well. Then I wanted to make a new one. Blocs told me ‘A class with this name is already being used in this project.’ But there isn’t one in my Class Manager…

What is causing the problem!? Anybody?