Issue with Assets panel and background images in design mode

While working on a project I’m slowed down by some odd behavior. I was wondering if it’s my usage of Blocs or a small bug.

Sometimes randomly the images from assets library are being applied to various blocs as I’m working or moving my mouse. There’s seemingly no reason as to why.

If I preview at that moment, there no change to my code, the background is fine. But the background in Blocs (design mode) still shows this random background image.

It’s happened many times, and my only remedy once it does, is the following:

  1. Open the Assets panel. (nothing is selected as it should be)
  2. Hover (don’t click) over any asset, and then off the pane entirely.
  1. Close the Assets panel.

Anyone else? Thanks.

Preview in place can be disabled in the asset manager, bottom right corner checkbox.

I didn’t realize it was more of a toggle effect, works fine that way in a quick test.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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