It takes a long time to display

Looking at the screenshot there doesn’t appear to be be any content to display. It looks like you are not even reaching the page where it allows you to choose what type of page you want to add. Can you supply further details?

On a blank page there should be at least the option to add a bloc though.

This looks like he has not even reached that stage. For me it flashes like that for about a second on a new project before offering the option to select a page type.

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Hm, never happened to me. Even if I dismiss the window wich allows me to enter the project details without entering anything, I get the blank page widh the big + to insert my first bloc.

Maybe a restart or reinstallation of Blocs might help?

That’s because we normally flash passed this stage in about second. Try starting Blocs and choosing to create a new project, it’s blank like that for a brief moment before allowing you to choose a page type.

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Oh, now I see what you mean. Barely noticable. Let’s hope a restart or reinstall gets it solved for @jason