It's not important. There is so many things more important than this. (?)


Yeah, yeah, yeah. :wink: Sorry about what I will write here - please, do not be angry, @norm. I think, the most important things are the ones which makes our work with Blocs easier. I have the impression that I mentioned many of them. I’m sad that it was not even commented. There is still so many small things to do with the app and eventual concealment about inconvenient matters is not a solution. It makes me impatient and maybe some others also. And at last, what is the purpose to develop the app when the user is constantly forced to use external solutions, manual editing and so on? Maybe it’s time to focuse on those small but very practical things and make a big changes in app later?

Please, do not forget the world is not spinning around english language -supprisingly ;-), so possibility to translate of important webpage elements is crucial. (!) - eg: mentioned form validation messages and warnings or hard coded email body message.

If there is no solutions for implementing some functions in the app, maybe better to let us know instead concealing it. Thank you upfront for understanding and patience! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, nothing in this forum makes me angry, I love that people care enough to post requests for new features and offer feedback.

Blocs is constantly moving forward and it’s constantly being worked on and has done for the last 3 years. Some features just take longer to implement as they require other features to come first. It’s my job to decide which are most important/achievable for the user base in a given period, if I didn’t know what I was doing in this respect, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, because Blocs simply wouldn’t exist. Don’t think because you don’t get a feature or a response from me that I don’t care or think that feature is less important, I just don’t always have time to answer every person who wants to ask me something or go into detail why this feature needs somthing else first.

Thats exactly what I do with every update, not everything is a major feature, I just didn’t fulfil your personal wish list. Take a look at the change log and scroll down, there are lots of UX and refinements in almost every release.

Going forward this should be less of a problem anyway as thats why I’ve created a developer API so other people can add features to Blocs that I havent got around to yet.


Ok, @norm, I understand what you mean. I have read changelogs so I know that is many different things to do all the time. :slight_smile: Thanks for response and greetings.


I have seen the topic with conversation about the future of Blocs and the API itself:

Now I see where it all is headed. Addons, bricks, blocks and so on. And new features that way. Ok. Will see what the 2018 brings to all of us! :slight_smile:


It’s interesting. All of the things that you have an issue with haven’t been a problem for me and none of my blocsapp sites have required external editing. I guess I fit my designs to what the tool does well and the clients are happy. I don’t over-engineer.

My point is that what is critical and essential for one blocsapp user, can be inconsequential to another.

I think we should be really pleased with the development of blocsapp so far, and if we aren’t it’s our fault for expecting more than blocsapp ever promised.


Hi @pauland,

@c0mp0ser is right. Because of this, most of the Blocsapp websites looks the same. Only people with coding knowledge can do more.

I wish you can do more (out of the box) within Blocsapp without coding knowledge. Like I said in previous posts, Everwebapp does this for instance (take a quick look at it and within 15/30 minutes you know how it works and you can adjust many things without knowledge. Then delete that app again, because Blocsapp looks better and can do more, but it cost you lots of time to invest and search for solutions at this forum or on other places.

@Norm mentioned clean cloding is important, but that’s for the specialists. Most people I know are going to a website and never looks at the code. They want a good experience which loads quickly. A sample website I made with Blocsapp gave me the preloading image, which I never saw at Everwebapp. (Maybe they compress images automatically or use some other fine tuning?)

So maybe Blocsapp version 3 will get more inside tools for people without coding experience or without having lots of time to build and maintain their (own) website.


I disagree with this. Coding knowledge is pretty immaterial. If websites look the same it’s because of a lack of creative skill (guilty, as charged), not coding knowledge.

It’s getting a bit boring hearing all about everwebapp.

Instead of going on about what blocsapp doesn’t do or what ever everwebapp does well (yet still those users are using blocsapp), we should be learning about how to use blocsapp well without waiting for some missing feature as an excuse.


FHi, I am not waiting for missing options, I only want to help this app getting better by giving examples of the solutions other web building apps has build in. I did choose Blocsapp -even after the trial period of 5 days- because I see it’s potential. But, Blocsapp is sold for people without any knowledge and for developers. I think developers can do almost everything they want because they have coding knowledge. I don’t have any, so it takes me lots of time to find solutions to do the things I want to achieve. In Everwebapp creativity is easy to build in your website, because it’s really build for people without coding knowledge. So if @norm can build something of that in his app (version 3) then this app is getting better for everyone.

So I only want to help getting this app better for people without any knowledge. And yes… I know it need some effort to learn new apps and their options, but for people without any knowledge or -it is not my job to develop websites- it’s really time consuming. And because options aren’t available in a easy way, I even don’t know what the possibilities are to build in a website, so it don’t look all the same.

I also can sit back behind my Mac, try to build a website and don’t give any feedback… and find out everything myself. For me a forum is a place to search for solutions and to give positive and negative feedback, so the app developer can build a better app, and maybe make more money because this app can be sold to more people.


I’d say that in every bit of software I have owned over the years, someone has sited the missing features that some rival software has and that the developer should incorporate. It’s human nature.

Instead of waiting for that to happen/or not happen we can look at how we make our websites and ask:

Do I really need that feature?
Can I think of a way of doing that “kind of thing” using the tools I have access to?
If I took a little time to learn some CSS/bootstrap/javascript could do that “kind of thing” anyway using what’s already there?
Could I do something better rather than just follow the herd?

I had an interesting conversation with a web developer a few years back and I asked her what software she used. Was it dreamweaver, or something else? It was something else - a plain text editor.

I’m all for having Norm continue to build on the software, and it’s great to hear the feedback the community gives, but it’s a bit repetitive hearing the same call over and over again - blocsapp should be like everwebapp. Blocsapp should be like blocsapp and the fact that blocsapp isn’t the same as everwebb is not a barrier to people doing great stuff using blocsapp.

I’m kinda hoping Norm will address some small things that niggle a lot of users and blocsapp makes needlessly complicated. Styling navbars, especially transparent navbars, would be top of my list for needing some TLC from Norm.

It can be easy to get carried away with the big feature in software, but often it’s the small things that make software a pain to use and I’d say navbar styling is that very annoying niggle for me and many others.

I have yet to have a client complain to me that their website would be better if I’d used software X, but they sure can be picky about the styling of the navbar.

If Norm spent a ten years on the software there would still be some feature that a user will find missing from blocsapp and it will be a feature that other blocsapp users have either worked around or realised they don’t need.


You are completely missing the point I want to make, or I didn’t express myself enough because English isn’t my native language.

Things can be so much easier within this app, but every Blocsapp user is discovering the same wheel over and over again using coding.

For me this end this discussion.


Definitely, in places. I wish you a Happy New Year and we’ll both be looking at those wheels next year…


Same to you @pauland, and to all forum members I wish the same. A Happy New Year in good health.


It was very interesting discussion. But both of you forgot about the primary thing: consistency.

Example: you can make the alerts with Blocs but without ability to dismiss them. Everything that is necessary to make it happened is already implemented in the app. A small part of code is missing. If I want to use a dismissible alerts in my project I have to do the special tricks to do that which I mentioned in one of my posts. This is small example of incosistency and there would be many of such a examples. Why is that? I don’t know. I assumed, that is many more important problems to solve.

Blocs is the Bootstrap framework based app. I see a small chance that any of users who use Blocs had no knowing about the Bootstrap existency (!). :smiley: If you have a basic knowing about Bootstrap, you know that alerts can be dismissible but no with Blocs. What kind of logic is it? :slight_smile:

My thougts about it are: why a incomplete incarnations of Bootstrap components are imlemented in Blocs? For me personally it’s annoying. Is the Blocs primarly a mockup creator or what? I do’t think so! :slight_smile:

I wrote what I wrote not because of that I don’t like this app or for spreading a “black pr”, completely opposite! I wrote it to drag the attention of app creators to important details and consistency, nothing more. Because only taking care about the details makes every app better or worse than the other apps (!).

“I made you a car! It’s awesome! It has a cool mexican red color, cool rims, super sound system and ultra-comfortable seats. But I’ll give you a steering wheel in one of the next versions …”. Is this a Blocs app that you expected in the future? :slight_smile:

Peace, greetings to all and happy new year!


Thank you so much @c0mp0ser for starting this. I agree with you 100% on everything. I was sold on blocs on the idea that everything was going to be, not easy, but super easy to use and easy to create any website and all it took was a little bit of creativity; that needed coding experience was not a thing and that it was going to be way much easier that Adobe Muse and more integrated. So far, I am growing more and more frustrated because it seems that in order to know this software you need to search for things in the forum and then find out that what you want to do/achieve have to done in a very special way (talking about creating and formatting classes) things that I have running away from doing. I wanted to use a simple drag and drop app that all I had to do was provide the text and images and the the app would do the rest.

I think that @Norm answer was a little too defensive but he did made good points. I, like @c0mp0ser not attacking or adding fuel to this, just simply saying that the main goal/target of the app was for creative people that are code savvy and want to be able to create websites from scratch without having to learn how to edit classes or any other options in order to get a desire result.

Thank you for those that mentioned that other software that seems to be easier. going to give it a try, maybe, for me, that the way to go. but I’ll keep an eye for future updates of blocs and maybe the minor changes needed for the regular ones will come soon. thanks.


Hey @duarte34

Blocs can do this right now, paste in your text and add your images and you are good to go. The problem is thats not what you actually want to do, which is natural, you want to personalise in greater detail and I 100% agree with you that the current version of Blocs is not as user friendly as it could be in this respect for none coders.

A lot of the time users want minor tweaks like moving a button down or changing the width of an object and this is something we have been working on, so stay tuned because it is coming and its going to be a lot easier.


I think that would be more like not including an export feature in the app rather than a way to dismiss notifications. The reason there is no notification logic in the app right now is because they can also be used as static highlighted areas that you don’t actually want dismissed. I personally use these from time to time to show opening hours etc.

But I totally agree there are some blank spots in the app and they will be filled in, just other priorities take over.


Following this post I’d just like to say I don’t know any program that out of the box does everything. The old saying “a program is only as good as you learn it” fits Blocs as any program. There are many great people in this forum that help others and have showcased a wide range of professional websites.

I downloaded and purchased Blocs from version 1. It has made great strides and I can’t think of another program that has a developer that listens and acts to requests like @Norm.

I also have noticed that a lot of the criticism comes from users that have only used Blocs for a short time. Take some time to learn Blocs, if you have a problem search/ask and most of the time you’ll find the solution.

For me, Blocs Rock


Hi everybody.

  1. Thanks for participation in this topic. I like to have hope that something positive would start after such kind of discussions.
  2. I will say it one time. Blocs app is in my opinion the best website creator from all of these i know and I had opportunity to try. (!)
  3. Starting a dispute is not my intention.
  4. @duarte34 - it is really NOT possible to avoid using classes in modern website creating. The way the Blocs allows you to using classes is most common for any that kind of software I know. Subclasses system implemented in Blocs makes the flirting with Bootstrap classes very easy:

As reminder - Blocs 2.5 is based on Bootstrap 3 framework - So, if you want to create the Bootstrap based website, Blocs is the best software i know to do that and easiest one. (!) Website creating has many aspects and it’s not easy at all but Blocs app makes it much easier.

  1. @casey1823 I constantly learn how to use Blocks and I’m satisfied with this app since beginning. :slight_smile: My first one-page project was created in one day and polished later during a few hours. Those little things I mentioned can’t spoil my fun :wink:
  2. @norm, I can’t wait until you start filling the gaps … :wink:


Thanks @c0mp0ser for that link. I looked everywhere to learn more about it, but now is making more sense.


Remember - current Blocs app works with Bootstrap 3 newest - 3.3.7. Bootstrap 4 is diiferent than 3 and brings significant changes for many elements of itself.