Javascript agenda in Blocs? How do I do it?

Hi guys,
I am testing Blocs to see if this my go-to website-building app! It all looks great and I really like the way it works…but…
I want / need / must integrate a agenda feed from my agent. Unfortunately this is something with a javascript. In Freeway it worked without problems, but searching here I see that might cause big problems.
The agenda feed I need to integrate in my new to build website is : script type=“text/javascript” src=“”>{ account:4054,item:30477,width:400,height:400 }); to make the script visible)_ Hopefully this can be done in Blocs.. please help; it would really make my day!

Have you tried putting it in an HTML Widget bric?
Ps. to make code visible just past it into your post and select and mark as code (the </>.

Thanks for the tip; but I tried it and I got a blank page…

Do you have a URL of the site it’s working in (Freeway)?

I used the HTML markup in Freeway.

Might try enclosing the javascript within a paragraph.
Also, the code above is not complete.
This is what a copied from your current site:

   <p class="center"><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">{ account:4054,item:30477,width:420,height:600 });</script></p>

Html bric is the way to go. It won’t render in app but once exported and hosted it should run fine.

Norm, you are my hero. It works. I was constantly testing it on my laptop, but it needed to be online…
My choice is made, I will purchase Blocs!! Thanks again, also to Teefers for helping!!


Yeah some scripts need to be hosted in order to work or at least run from a local host so the code can execute.

Hi, I have the same question, = "how to enter javascript into the html widget and make it run? I put my javascript into the html widget and uploaded it to my website, but it doesn’t work.
I read your explanation above, but I didn’t get it (That’s new to me :wink:

Make sure you switch off in app previewing of the code widget, this stops the code being escaped by the html engine that loads the design canvas.

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